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Committed to Caring for Patients and Creating Healthier Communities

The 2016 chairman's columns have focused on  inspiring stories about hospitals and health systems that are providing exceptional care to impact lives and transform communities all across the country. It has been a privilege to serve as the 2016 AHA Board Chair and have the opportunity to highlight the dedicated and hard-working health care leaders, front-line providers and staff who are not only healing patients but also developing and testing cutting-edge ideas; implementing innovative quality and safety initiatives; collaborating with patients, families and communities; and partnering with other hospitals, organizations and agencies to improve health outcomes. This work and commitment continuously move us toward achieving the Triple Aim—better health care, better outcomes and lower costs. With political changes ahead, we must—and will — be ready to respond, engage and lead. The AHA is certainly in great hands. The 2017 Board Chair Gene Woods will be working alongside fellow board members, Rick Pollack and staff to advance the AHA’s mission and our shared vision of creating healthy communities. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as the 2016 Board Chair and for the tremendous work you do every day on behalf of the patients we are all so proud to serve. ~ Jim Skogsbergh, AHA Chairman


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