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Looking Ahead in 2017

On Jan. 20, 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the presidential inauguration and experience the peaceful transition of power in person. With all its pomp and circumstance, which has occurred nearly 60 times since the days of George Washington, it is hard to put into words the emotions of the day and weekend. It was all as much a uniquely American event as were the many protests that occurred in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country.  

As awe-inspiring as the Marine band was (and they were fantastic!), what will remain with me in the months and years ahead is the belief that we are fortunate the American “experiment” continues today just as strong as it was in President Washington’s time.

As a community of health care leaders during this new administration, we have a unique calling and reason to serve. In the coming days, with so much at stake, including matters of affordability, access, and coverage – to paraphrase the song in the play "Hamilton" – history will have its eyes on us. We have an opportunity to have a strong, guiding hand in determining a future in health care that will impact millions of citizens. A daunting challenge for sure, but given the many amazing people I have met in our field, I know when we look back, history will consider this among our finest moments. As we begin a new year, it is a sincere pleasure to serve with you. May 2017 be our best year yet.

Gene Woods, American Hospital Association 2017 Chairman


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