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Building Trust and Community Health

Trust is among the most important currencies we have as health care leaders. And during these times of change, we have an opportunity to continue to elevate our role as the steady and trusted voice in our communities. One of the ways to do so is by creating new alliances, approaches and information to improve health and well-being beyond our traditional hospital walls. To shine a light on ways to do so, in February 2017, the AHA 2016 Committee on Research will be releasing a report titled “The Next Generation of Community Health." This report will include links to tools and resources highlighting first- and second-generation strategies on how to improve community health and wellness. Leading up to the release of that report,  Chairman File columns will share brief vignettes of the innovative strategies many of our esteemed colleagues from around the country are driving with incredible results. Increasing community connections with Next Gen approaches is a great way to continue to make deposits in the bank of trust we have as leaders, which is needed today as much as ever.

Gene Woods, American Hospital Association 2017 Chairman


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