HANYS case studies

Improving Outcomes

Maimonides Medical Center implemented four evidence-based practices using the Plan, Do, Study, Act methodology that improved colorectal surgical outcomes, reduced colorectal mortality and morbidity rates and decreased the number of visits to the operating room. These four processes were:

  1. Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: A protocol was installed in the hospital’s community system and was developed into a brochure that provided patients with education about their colorectal surgical and any pre-admission information.
  2. The hospital integrated the American College of Surgeon’s advanced colon bundle to reduce infection during colorectal surgeries.
  3. Medical Early Warning System: A process was used to determine the level of illness of a patient by using his or her vitals.
  4. Postoperative Co-management: This process included frequent check-ups of colorectal surgical patients by internal medicine hospitalists, especially high-risk patients, to help them recover properly after their operations.

This case study is part of the HANYS Triple Aim series highlighting how New York hospitals are improving health, enhancing quality and reducing costs. Hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies across New York State are pursuing the Triple Aim. In spite of fiscal constraints, HANYS members are embracing the challenge of transforming health care and are implementing new and innovative approaches to delivery.

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