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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, and why do you care about community health needs assessments (CHNAs)?

The Health Research & Educational Trust is the non-profit affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA). The Association for Community Health Improvement is a personal membership group of the AHA. Our mission is to transform health care through research and education. We are being funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop a central database of CHNAs and implementation strategies. We want to help connect hospitals – and their community partners – with organizations working on similar community health issues. We think this is a great way to accomplish that.

Why are you making this website?

All non-profit hospitals in the US are conducting and publishing CHNAs, yet there is no single location where all of the CHNAs reside. We intend to change that by developing this repository to house all available CHNAs and make them searchable. We want to make it easy for you to find other organizations like yours that you can learn from or potentially partner with.

Will my CHNA document be on the website?

No, there will not be a PDF of your CHNA on the website. Our team extracted information from your CHNA that will be featured in a brief profile of your hospital. The profile will include a link back to your hospitals website for anyone who wants to read your full CHNA report. The CHNAs in the database were the ones completed in the 2012-2015 cycle.

What information will be extracted from CHNAs?

We are most interested in which community health needs you prioritized and with whom you partnered. We did NOT extract any data on community health statistics. Priority needs were put in categories that our team felt best represented each hospital’s selection. If you believe that your priority needs were mis-categorized, you can contact us at   

What information will be on the website associated with my hospital?

  • Hospital information - name, type, size, affiliation, location
  • CHNA information - Community health needs prioritized in the CHNA; partners worked with as part of the CHNA or implementation strategy
  • County health information – selected data from County Health Rankings
  • Link to your hospital’s website with CHNA

Is my CHNA data still useful if I’m from a specialty hospital?

Yes! We are interested in your priorities. This website will enable you to see which needs that similar specialty hospitals are prioritizing.

What will the website look like?

We envision that this website will be a map-based tool. You will be able to filter by various categories including: location, hospital type, size or community health need prioritized. This will enable you to search for hospitals like yours or near you.

How will it be updated?

The next round of CHNAs is well under way, and we want to keep our site up to date. We will be including a question in future AHA Annual Surveys about your prioritized community health needs. The CHNAFinder website, when live, will also have a submission form for you to enter your most up-to-date community health needs. This information will be fed into the database. If you notice that your CHNA priorities are out of date, please contact us.

What does my hospital have to do if I agree to participate?

Nothing! The hard work is deciding to participate. Please confirm your participation by filling out this form. We will take it from there.

Who is funding this project?

This project is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.




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