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    Health Services Research is HRET's flagship publication and an official journal of AcademyHealth that publishes six regular issues and two special focus issues annually.

    HSR Welcomes New Co-editor-in-chief

    The HSR co-editor-in-chief torch has been passed from one UC campus to another. Patrick Romano, MD, professor of medicine and pediatrics at the University of California, Davis, assumed the role of co-EIC April 1, taking the reins from UCLA’s José Escarce, MD, PhD, who stepped down after seven years of dedicated service.

    Dr. Romano, a senior faculty member in the Graduate Groups in Epidemiology, Public Health, Clinical Research and Nursing Science and Healthcare Leadership at UC Davis, has more than 20 years of experience in research and teaching on health care quality and outcomes. He has been refereeing HSR article submissions since joining the editorial board in 2007 and previously served as a deputy editor of the journal Medical Care.

    Dr. Romano joins fellow Co-EIC Jackie Zinn, PhD, who stepped into the dual leadership role in 2011. Ms. Zinn, a professor of risk, insurance and healthcare management at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management, in Philadelphia, has served HSR for nearly 20 years, first as a reviewer and then earning her way onto the editorial board before ascending to co-EIC.

    Also joining HSR’s executive editorial board is James Burgess, Jr., PhD, professor, Health Policy and Management, Boston University’s School of Public Health. Mr. Burgess replaced Michael Chernew, MD, PhD as one of the journal’s eight senior associate editors and as one of the board’s experts on economics.

  • Topics

    The double-blind peer-reviewed journal regularly publishes articles on the following topics:

    Delivery of care

    • Access to and utilization of health services
    • Cost, quality and care outcomes
    • Biological, behavioral, social and political factors that influence health outcomes
    • Practice variations
    • Technology assessments
    • Health care workforce issues

    Health delivery policy

    • Medicare and Medicaid
    • State health policies and regulations
    • Payment policies
    • Personnel licensure and certification
    • Antitrust enforcement

    National demonstration programs

    • Disease prevention and management
    • Community-based efforts
    • New payment models

    Health services trends and changes

    • Systems of care
    • Managed care
    • Bundled payments
    • ACOs
    • Comparisons of systems across the nation
  • Vision, Mission and Values

    Vision—To be the preferred forum for health services researchers, managers, policymakers, providers, and students to: exchange ideas, expand the knowledge and understanding of financing, organization, delivery and outcomes of health services and help improve the health of individuals and communities.

    Mission—To enhance knowledge and understanding of the financing, organization, delivery, and outcomes of health services through publication of thoughtful, timely, rigorously conducted, state-of-the-art research and thinking.


    • Scientific integrity
    • Methodological rigor
    • Policy and practice relevance
    • Clarity of expression
    • Originality
    • Timeliness
    • Creativity
    • Clarity of thought
    • Significance


  • Recognition

    HSR is a leader in the field, ranked among the top journals in the Institute for Scientific Information/Thomson Scientific's "Health Care Sciences and Services" category of the Science Index, and in the "Health Policy and Services" category of the Social Sciences Index.

    HSR has won five Emerald Golden Page Awards.