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Putting a Stop to Domestic Violence

Washington Heights, a community impacted by 770 cases of domestic violence a day, now has the Family PEACE (Preventing Early Adverse Childhood Experiences) Trauma Treatment Center to help break the cycle of violence. Located at the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, the center not only provides clinical services to both young children and families, but also offers evidence-based approaches to address the post-traumatic impact and improve relationships among family members who’ve witnessed abuse. The center is also educating and training health care providers to screen for domestic violence.

In 2016, those who received treatment at the center for six months reported positive health outcomes:

  • 53 percent of children experienced fewer behavioral problems
  • 75 percent of adults felt less depressed
  • 67 percent felts less stressed

To further reduce the prevalence of domestic violence in the community, the center continues to advocate for more programs and resources for those affected.

This case study is part of the HANYS Triple Aim series highlighting how New York hospitals are improving health, enhancing quality and reducing costs. Hospitals, nursing homes and home care agencies across New York State are pursuing the Triple Aim. In spite of fiscal constraints, HANYS members are embracing the challenge of transforming health care and are implementing new and innovative approaches to delivery.

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