Triple Aim Strategies to Improve Behavioral Health Care


The new HPOE  guide “Triple Aim Strategies to Improve Behavioral Health Care” describes strategies, action steps and examples for hospitals, health systems and community stakeholders working together to develop a well-coordinated, accessible, affordable and accountable system for delivering behavioral health care. Case studies in the guide provide examples of how hospital and health systems, working with community partners, can improve the quality of and access to behavioral health care, while bending the cost curve and improving community health.

 Effectively addressing behavioral health issues in  the community calls for hospitals and health systems to:

  • Integrate behavioral and physical health care services
  • Build networks or partnerships with community stakeholders—including other hospitals or health systems, clinics,  social service agencies, and local and state  organizations—to coordinate care
  • Implement alternative payment models to sustain needed services

This approach aligns with the Triple Aim to improve the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), improve the health of populations and reduce the per capita cost of health care.

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